NIT Solutions provides a complete range of consultancy services for MFI’s and Commercial Banks:

Software Selection

Choosing the right application is not easy, especially if you don’t do this for a living. We provide Software Selection Services to help those MFI’s and Commercial Banks to select most suitable CBS.  As part of these services we exclude ourselves from participating in the selection process so that we can be fair and impartial. We bring our then years of experience in the technology world to this process and many of our clients look to us as their representative when creating specifications, searching for technologies, choosing applications, negotiating agreements and manage implementations.

Project Management

Most of our projects bring together many parties. Our own people provide much of the work but we also outsource specialized services to programmers and developers around the world. Hardware infrastructure and network security services are also frequently required by personnel with those qualifications. At our clients, technical, administrators and user input needs to be coordinated. To accomplish this we provide our own project management services.  These services begin with building a detailed project plan and continue with managing project tasks, goals, objectives, budget and timetables. Most of our larger clients rely on us to provide project management expertise.

Business Analysis

In depth business analysis are key for understanding business processes and how they can be integrated in the system(s). In this process, our consultants gather requirements from the business, translating user requirements to functional specifications and liaising with development teams of Core Banking System vendors.