360 eLearning Hub


In today’s world, continuous education of employees has become a necessity. Thanks to an advanced technology and modern online education tools, additional education has become more accessible, reliable, cheaper and yet faster.

NIT Solutions is specialized in delivering online training platform called 3600 eLearning Hub that enables fast time to market, simple and intuitive interface, and learning on the go.  Out of the box, the 3600 eLearning Hub offers rich functionality to enable your company and business to provide flexible, packaged, individual and quick training regardless of the subject.

Key benefits of our platform:


eLearning that doesn’t Waste your Time

3600 eLearning Hub offers 24/7 online training. Employees can access the hub at their convenience the training with a minimal or no disturbance of their day-to-day work.


Innovative & Adaptive Training Courses

The success of the training depends on a training content and skills of a trainer. Often, at least one of those is not on up to the standards. 3600 eLearning Hub guarantees that each employee will receive the same quality of the training. Leveraging training materials on mature learning principles is key at NIT Solutions. Depending on your need, various abilities are available:

  • Video tutorials
  • Step by step tutorials
  • Slide shows
  • Gamification
  • Tests inside lessons
  • Final tests and certifications
  • Dictionaries linked to a training content
  • Links to YouTube videos
  • File attachments for additional readings
  • Polls
  • Training evaluations


Performance Tracking

Secure successful training, while employees are equipped with latest skills set is our mission. 3600 eLearning Hub has a robust reporting that will provide transparent information needed to track the performance, participation, and activities of each employee.


Centralized Knowledge Base

Training needs can vary from department to department. Some training materials are department specific and some are applicable to all employees. 3600 eLearning Hub centralizes all training materials to one place. It also provides access to training based on a different criteria, such as:

  • Department
  • Position in the company
  • Role in the team


Change Management tool

The dynamic business world challenges companies to adapt quicker than ever before. Change is constant, inevitable, and may be tough to manage. That’s where NIT Solutions can help. By centralizing your documentation, processes and training materials, your employees can obtain all information in one source of truth.

In need of a change, do it in once, in one place.